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On Donnerstag, 13. September 2001 20:29, you wrote:

Ian, I'm supposed to do a study for universtity on cross-compiling so I would 
be glad if you leave this up to me! :) This is supposed to do my work and I 
apologize I'm not done yet though I know that it can easily be implemented, 
but I want to do it in the most general way that allows to set up multiple 
environments for compiling at the same time. 

Generally it doesn't require much besides creating a subdirectory as a build 
directory and calling ./configure from there, and you can export CC and CXX 
as well as the according flags before running ./configure so it pics up the 
according compiler and the flags. That's basically all, no changes needed. 
The stuff is known as VPATH or builddir != srcdir :)

> Greetings
> 	I am trying to add palm development support to KDevelop 3.0
> 	(This should also pave the way for development using cross compilers)
> 	But I am having problems getting kdevelop to change the compilers and
> 	paths.  Do I need to change the automake and scripts too?
> 	If so can anyone help me :)
> 	-ian reinhart geiser

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