Bug#31970: cursor disappear after paste

Michael Uplawski uplawski at quercus.franken.de
Sun Sep 9 18:28:14 UTC 2001

As with the other two bugs I noticed today, I confirm
Paolos observation, too. 
The invisible cursor still marks, copies and pastes.
So this is a minor nuisance.

Package:           kdevelop
Version:           2.0 (using KDE 2.2.0 )
Severity:          normal
Installed from:    Source
Compiler:          gcc version 2.95.3
OS:                Linux, 2.4.8
OS/Compiler notes: Updated SuSE 7.1


PGP:  RSA/IDEA/MD5  2048/19847A51
      AC C1 2F 8F 59 9C FF 3C  6D A8 67 4A 45 3E 4C F2
User: Michael Uplawski <uplawski at quercus.franken.de>

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