KDEVELOP_1_4: fix for a crash and kdevprj

F@lk Brettschneider gigafalk at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 30 13:18:34 UTC 2001


Roland Krause wrote:
> I am tempted to backport Bernds Makefile.am based project management.
> Falk, I though about this a bit, the idea isnt all that bad after all.
> The fact that you cant finetune compiler options, linker options,
> include paths and such still sucks but it is already better as what we
> have now.
Actually, the only thing which is interesting for me is tmake/qmake
support since automake is much to complicated for a normal developer (in
my humble opinion).
Is there any software design approach in KDevelop-X.Y considering that
as well?

F at lk

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