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Fri Jun 29 11:58:30 UTC 2001


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Subject: Bug#27716: see function under container file in project treeview
Date: 26 Jun 2001 07:30:24 -0000
From: aaime at libero.it

When developing project in pure C it would be useful
to see which function in defined/declared in which file...
now I can only see a flat list of function and variable...
it would be nice to see them in the project treeview,
each function listed under the file in which is defined/declared (yes, both
 under .h and .c files), and to see the difference between exported
and static (local) ones. As such it would be easier to
develop program in a modular fashion even in C (don't
tell me to develop in C++, if you are volounteering in a
project based on C you cannot change the language...)


I agree with this one.
a c file usually reflects a "module".

And another wish for kdevelop3.0
can we have the global namespace as well in the class view
+ global
+ blah
Otherwise most of the classes are missing.

and yet another
in the other mode (not namespace) rather than just every class in the tree 
how about spliting them into the subdirs they are in - presumably the 
programmer did that to organise the files. Having the dir structure reflected 
in the tree would be better that everyclass merged.

options upon options eh :-)


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