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Hi there,

Linuxtag will start next wednesday for those who prepare the booth, for
others on thursday when the first offical day is.

In this document, I want to provide you with the information you need as
a participant of the KDE crowd which is over 40 people at LinuxTag.
Therefore to guarantee a LinuxTag with much less problems than running
that unorganized, the following information should be regarded, read
carefully and answered if you have questions. It's not too restrictive
but gives the things that I think are necessary to cause the minimum
amount of work possible (see that as preventing work duplication efforts
compared to code duplication efforts).

a) Booth service:

Disclaimer: I hope I don't annoy those who say an attatchment should be
placed anywhere on the web, please excuse me for that ksp file. 

In the attatched kspread file you'll find all the general information
you need for the booth schedule. Details:

1. Shifts are 9am-1:30pm and 1:30pm-6pm. A bit long for some people, but
makes it easier for all as you can concentrate on your hacking
activities for the rest of your KDE LinuxTag participation.

2. Per shift there is one of us responsible for the booth (marked with
red). Turn to that person on questions for organizational stuff,
whatever, and most importantly preventing a panic from the users when
they get KDE 2.2, KOffice 1.1 and KDevelop 2.0 presented and want to
steal your machine. (those are usually Torsten, Eva and myself for the
whole day, but just *one* of us as marked)

3. Per afternoon shift there is one responsible for the cleanup in the
evening. On sunday, Torsten, Eva and I will take care of that plus Niko
and Danimo so we leave LinuxTag with the best impression of the KDE Team
- a clean booth. During the week, the main work is just to grab the
plastic bag and set it in front of the booth (if everyone sticked with
the rule to put his own trash into the plastic bag of course:) so the
cleaning service can pick that up.

4. Changing shifts: if you want to change a shift with somebody, drop me
a mail with whom and when. This may be needed in case you want to attend
a talk that you think is interesting for you to further enhance your KDE
code by gathering more knowledge :))

5. The persons sitting on the 6 computer places are responsible for
their place they're at. You need to keep an eye on your mousepad and
most importantly any wireless hardware such as mice and keyboards, also
iPaq's, handhelds and Laptops for demo. Don't leave your place without
notifying the one responsible for the booth during your shift. In case
you're longer away than a couple of minutes (say for a talk), please
provide another developer taking over your place during that time. The
root password and the user password for your demo user (usually that is
just "kde" or "linuxtag") should be given to the next developer that is
on the machine. Preferrably given to the one responsible for the day
which can hand that over to the next person for the following day so we
can assure all machines can actually be used :)

b) Friday Evening, Social Event: for those who are going there, we'll
get free entrance tickets. We'll share them before we join the event.
Please don't bug the one responsible at the booth *before* 6pm for your
ticket. They'll be given out when everything else is done, the booth
cleaned up. *Everyone* gets a card, so please don't turn crazy like
we're selling Madonna concert tickets :)

c) Software on the demo machines: Advised are KDE 2.2 beta, KOffice 1.1
beta 3, KDevelop 2.0 beta (or current CVS). Additionally, applications
such as ktouch for learning purpose demo, other KDE utilities to be
found at should be regarded in case you'll get asked for
the one or the other application functionality. Especially Cervisia is
advised; if the kpart for konqueror can be provided until the end of the
week for demo, the better.
Your default setup, especially your background wallpaper, should be the
new default_blue.jpg wallpaper, NOT any nude pictures or women of any
kind. Remember we have a women's group that will be present at the booth
and showing off your personally preferred background image may 1.offend
the KDE women, 2. offend women who want to have a demo of KDE and
questions answered. Also, a CVS copy should be on some machines to allow
"Live Hacking" if users may come up with nice, easy to implement
features that can be done at the booth and checked into CVS. We'll also
try to organize some paper and pens so you can take notes on user
whishes and good ideas for later implementation, especially if the
wished feature cannot fit into the current KDE 2.2 release plan.

d) Everyone *NOT* on the booth service list for given timeframes but KDE
participant at LinuxTag:
	The explicit right is hereby given to the person responsible at the
booth for his shift, to kick out any and all KDE developers that are NOT
having booth service during the shift. There will be no discussion about
it as you can think of 40 developers overcrowding the booth and turning
everything into a mess. We provide a hacking area (or, if not in the
Expo hall, the RedHat labs in Stuttgart, 10 minutes away) for you to
stay at. There you can hack, share information and meet other developers
you want to work with and fix either KDE 2.2 issues, do new stuff or
whatever. Please don't be angry if we have to restrict the number of KDE
developers present at the booth, but otherwise we'll end like last year
with not enough space for the visitors wanting to have information and
the ones actually doing the service can't do their job as good as they

e) Dresscode: (yes, now comes the fun part nobody wants to hear about
For those at the booth doing booth service, a suit, at least a clean
Jeans and a Jacket with a shirt and tie, are recommended, but not
mandatory. Mind that the impression you're making on other people
represents KDE. However, T-shirts and plain Jeans are allowed and
appreciated as some people won't talk to you if you're in a suit - maybe
- and you don't own a suit or you just don't like it. For the women
(hopefully there will be more appearing and offering help on the booth)
a dress is appreciated, at least a skirt and blouse (though that depends
on the women's choice anyway, just making sure you look good should do
the trick :)).

Finally, some words about motivation:

a) You're highly motivated - everyone in KDE currently is, no doubt
about it. If you're not, talk to other developers sharing their
motivation with you :)
b) *Share* your motivation. You're at LinuxTag not only for having a fun
time with the ones you already know online or in real life, but also to
motivate possible new developers. Although only 1 of 5 will come up
later and do something, talking people into participation is important
and many just need a good start by the friendly and motivating attitude
that you have (I repeat myself: All users can be turned into
c) Questions about GNOME and KDE relations: (telling this in case you
don't know) We have a good relationship and even collaboration on
various parts, may it be the implementation of desktop standards like
the .desktop files, the WM specs, developer meetings (such as KDE's
participation at GUADEC II this spring in Copenhagen, Denmark) and the
file format import filters for Office applications.

That's it. Mail me if you have further questions that need to be
addressed. I remember you to drop Eva (eva at a mail immediately
if you need dinner (except for the social event evening friday) !  We
need to give the number of needed meals to the LinuxTag organization
ASAP so we don't have 20 of us having dinner for free while 20 others
need to go to a restaurant!

Thanks and happy Linuxtag. See you on the booth next week ! Thanks also
to all who are coming for your participation, engagement and work as
well as the organizators of both LinuxTag, Joey and the KDE developers
organizing and running the event. 


We're not a company, we just produce better code at less costs.
Ralf Nolden
nolden at

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