Creating a project with existing CVS tree

Klaus Muth muth at
Tue Jun 26 11:21:43 UTC 2001

I've got KDevelop 1.4.1 (on redhat7.1).
I want to use KDevelop on an existing project with cvs.
As I understood, the way is:
1. Chose Project/New
2. Chose Others/custom project in the Wizard, NEXT
3. give the project a name, NEXT
4. Now what at VCS Support? Seems, that the wizard tries to create a new
   CVS subtree for my project, but I have a subtree already...
   I tried giving the whole thing no Vendor Tag, Log Message, Release Tag,
   but that created a segfault... *sigh*

All hints are extremely welcome ;)

Klaus Muth
HAGOS eG                      Industriestr. 62      fon: (+49) 711 78805-86
EDV-Programmierung            70565  Stuttgart      fax: (+49) 711 78805-35               Germany              mailto:muth at

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