Bernd Gehrmann bernd at physik.hu-berlin.de
Tue Jun 26 11:18:42 UTC 2001

> Of course having "intended to have done it longer" doesn't mean a lot. It 
> looks like some very nice stuff going into Gideon. The difference being 
> though that while Kdevelop will do those things nicely and diversely Quanta 
> will be tightly focused exclusivly around developing mark up language 
> documents primarily focused on web use (with a strong PHP focus). Our intent 
> is to merge the document and programming models. As I perceive it one might 
> lean to using Kdevelop for PHP if the program and need to do some web work 
> but if they are primarily web oriented or do production web development they 
> would gravitate to Quanta. 

Well, I did not say that you should give up Quanta or merge it with
KDevelop :-) It's probably a good idea to do things differently which
appear differently to the user. As the target group of web development
tools is quite manifold, from programmers to designers, there is
certainly enough place for different approaches.

OTOH, I'm sure that there is a significant overlap in which resources
are better spent on finding common solutions than on reimplementing
things in various projects. The text editor is such an example. In
the long run, it would be good to use it as a part, and avoid forking
variants of kwrite and having to maintain them forever. With Matthias'
work on the editor stuff, we're nearer to this goal with KDevelop,
although not quite finished. Code completion is one example where the
editor interface has to extended. I'm not very familiar with the PHP
stuff in KDevelop (that's mainly Sandy's and Thomas Fromm's work),
but I'm sure some of this can be shared as well (in both directions).
The scripting part may also be worth looking at :-)


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