asking the great JBB oracle

Ralf Nolden nolden at
Mon Jun 25 20:54:35 UTC 2001

jbb wrote:
> On Mon, 25 Jun 2001 10:05, you wrote:
> > JBB enlighted us with:
> > >    * bugfix: added $LEXLIB to _project_ file so that regenerating the
> > > makefiles * works again - I don't understand why that is so hard to do :)
> >
> > Several hours I tried to find a possibility to add $LEXLIB to the
> > project but gave up...
> > What is the click sequence for that adding?
> Thus spake jbb
> and lo, the multitude gazed in horror at the abomination of the direct
> addition of libraries. Henceforth the $(LEXLIB) and other foreign libraries
> can be added in like manner to
> Project->Options->Linker Options->additional libraries
> for the beasts of automake and autoconf always lie thirsting for the weak or
> the unwary.
> We humbly give praise to the great prophets, Sandy and Walter and Bernd and
> the other great ones that have led us safely through the desert of unknowing.
> jbb

>From all of us a "Welcome back on board", jbb, we really missed you
throughout the past couple of month !!
I *really* love this project ! 

By the way as a reminder: After LinuxTag I *need* to learn for my two
exams ahead in August and September. I haven't done much (equals almost
nothing) since a few month for university (and I hope my dad doesn't
read this list :)) and I think noone will be upset if I can't devote 15
and more hours a day towards KDE and KDevelop during that time (well, it
*may* get limited to about 3 a day to keep up with things). Jbb will
take over the lead during that time for KDevelop and will help with his
cool way with dealing with things. As always, I will be around and do
whatever I can to keep in touch but I need to restrict myself on
developer recruiting on IRC and answering mails.

BTW2: I will hold a workshop on KDevelop and Qt designer at Linuxtag and
we will be present with one machine at the KDE booth (running 6 machines
for various projects). If someone is interested, could this be put on
the website ? Also with naming who is there at the booth ? (namely
Sandy, Bernd and I I think).


KDE 2 - Trust I seek and I find in You, 
everyday for a something new, 
open mind for a different view, 
and nothing else matters....
Ralf Nolden
nolden at

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