kdevelop2.0 dbg changes

Harald Fernengel harry at bnro.de
Mon Jun 25 13:58:14 UTC 2001


> latin1() doesn't always work in gdb :(( hence that nasty convoluted gdb
> statement you've replace. Wanna fix.... :-)
> you can test this by debugging kdevelop 2.0 and breaking on main.cpp:143
> It could be done better than I've done it, I'm sure, but...

Sorry, I am not very good with gdb (as you may have already noticed ;))

The problem in Qt3 is that there is no more "rw" member in QChar, because the 
row and the col of a Unicode char are now stored in an unsigned short named 

QChar::latin1() simply does this:

{ return ucs > 0xff ? 0 : (char) ucs; }

since we cannot call this member function, we have to find a way how to 
distinguish a Qt2 String from a Qt3 string and then write a small GDB script 
as Simon suggested to debug Qt3 strings properly.

Any suggestions welcome.


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