1_4 laundry list

Serge Lussier serge.lussier at videotron.ca
Fri Jun 22 12:22:55 UTC 2001

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> Serge,
> first let me say, "Thank you" for you contributions and for taking the
> time and having the guts to contribute to _our_ project. 
Oh! Did I looked hamed by the Bernd's critics ? 
I wasn't. But since I am not an experimented and skilled 
contributor, I felt I had to explain things to 
justify the situation. 

Yes I have time to read and write from/to this list though 
and I like it! And I will continue to do it ;-) 

I am (stick ?) with MS-Win 9x/NT4/2K/XP and NOVELL
at home (ouch!) because of school ;-( 

The only apologize I give here is to not had time to 
make and finish my work as I would.

Please see my words here as a mean for me to keep
contact with all of you* and to stay in touch.
*( Kdevelop power team)

... And to learn to speak english ( hehehe -;)
You don't know how I miss Linux and Kdevelop...


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