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F@lk Brettschneider gigafalk at
Wed Jun 20 20:47:31 UTC 2001


Roland Krause wrote:
> please take into account that we want to change the CEditWidget
> ultimatively to inherit from QMdiChildFrame as discussed recently.
> Now is probably as good a time as ever.
As already mentioned I think it should not be done now before
2.0.0-final. It would introduce lots of new bugs to the currently stable
MDI/editor core. I think there are other important bugs which should be
fixed instead of that for 2.0. See the ToDo-list and Bernd Gehrmann's
buglist as well as Ralf's hints...
Well, actually I don't see much benefit from such "rewrite now" for the
2.0 release since our kwrite-copy is currently very stable although in
the long run it's better to merge with common KDE code, but please,

> I've attached a little graph illuminating the idea of inheriting and
> interfacing these views with docViewMan.
It's a beaut idea of such double inheritance from KPart and


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