Please check this if you want to know how Bernd looks like :)))

Ralf Nolden nolden at
Wed Jun 20 09:41:19 UTC 2001

Good morning friends,

got this nice link for ya :))

Have fun. In the background it's me on the left, Bernd on the right. In
front are sitting (left to right) Stefan Schimanski (schimmi) and Tobias
Anton, the one guy on the far right is an attendant of the show.



PS: Falk, Carsten Wolff will look at the things like the tip of the day
thingy and the toolbar toggle buttons for the switching on/off of the
treeview/outputview these days. Could someone of the experts for the
kwrite stuff look at the cursor setting inside the editor when you click
on the treeview or the outputview ? I think grabFocus() or something
might help because the focus isn't grabbed and that's why the cursor is
not blinking there though the editors itself have strongFocus.

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everyday for a something new, 
open mind for a different view, 
and nothing else matters....
Ralf Nolden
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