1_4 laundry list

Roland Krause rokrau at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 19 06:21:08 UTC 2001

--- Bernd Gehrmann <bernd at physik.hu-berlin.de> wrote:
> Just had a look at the 1_4 branch and was very disappointed.

Why are you disappointed? What did you expect? I dont quite understand
this attitude. 

> Somehow I have the impression it gets more and more bugs with
> each release :-((

What release have you tried? There wasnt any recently, afaik, and
KDEVELOP_1_4 did have a lot of problems, that's fairly well known. 

> Here is a list from just 10 minutes of trying various things:


> * Build->Rebuild doesn't work.
> * Build->Distclean/Rebuild All doesn't work.

Yep, dont work anymore, I can prob. fix that since I think I was the
one who broke it. 

> * Context menus hehave differently. Some appear when the button
>   is pressed, some when the button is released.

Cleanup off these is in progress. Unfortunately some parts of this code
are in _bad_ shape. I just spend 5 hours to clean up some things and
probably broke more than I went out to fix...

> * Folders in the class view serve no apparent purpose.
> * Class properties dialog: No way to enable the help button. 
>   The dialog offers to create public signals; something 
>   like a public signal simply doesn't exist. It's unclear
>   what 'matching slots' in the slot tab are. Match what?
>   Also, the dialog is a usability desaster: no accelerators,
>   no initial focus, nested group boxes, messed up focus
>   chains.

These are _old_ bugs, that are in KDevelop since ancient times, mostly
design mistakes, half finished projects and some things are simply not
possible without any kind of a data structure behind an application. 

> * Adding translations to Qt projects spits a lot of errors.
>   IMO, the tr support in the template is pointless anyway,
>   as it only works if you start the application in the
>   source directory.
> * Documentation browser options seem to have no effect on
>   the documentation browser.
> * Lots of 'QObject::connect: No such slot' messages on the
>   console.

Where, which one, examples would really help here. 
If you would get this kind of bug report, you wouldnt even read it to
the end... 

> * Browser history is broken with multiple browser windows.

Know problem. 


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