Bug#27295: kdevelop features syntax autocompletion

totaloverseer at home.com totaloverseer at home.com
Sat Jun 16 04:14:38 UTC 2001

Package: kdevelop
Version: 1.4.1 (using KDE 2.1.2 )
Severity: wishlist
Installed from:    Debian Package 4:2.1.2-3 (testing/unstable)
Compiler:          gcc version 2.95.4 20010522 (Debian prerelease)
OS:                Linux 2.4.4 i686
OS/Compiler notes: 

Couple of things that I think REALLY need to be implemented in this already wonderful software package:

1. syntax autocompletion. have things like popup menus of member functions. This is, in fact, how i learned in entirety, my first language, VB. It makes it THAT much easier to learn.

also, features like automatically fixing case, auto-indent, syntax checking while you type sort of thing. that would be absolutely GREAT.

2. The whole QT designer needs to be reworked. I still havnt figured out how it is "so easy" as the docs say. i could never actually get it to work without having to manually generate the header and implementation from the UI files, and i ended up just making a mess of my code. What would really work, is an embedded dialog editor, that will [automatically] regenerate the code for your project when you add a widget or something like that. this would keep the whole source tree nice and clean, and would greatly aide learning.

I think an important part of Kdevelop is to be able to cater to those who want to learn to program in KDE/Qt. that is why the documentation interface is so wicked right?! :)

I was able to create a simple KDE/Qt program within a few minutes of taking a look at the docs. its great.

All in all, I think that Kdevelop has huge potential for furthering the development of KDE. if more people can learn to make more programs, KDE will grow, and Thrive.

Keep up the good work!

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