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Richard Dale Richard_Dale at
Fri Jun 8 07:09:46 UTC 2001

On Thu, 07 Jun 2001, Bernd Gehrmann wrote:
> Since there was no feedback on kde-core-devel, I've moved the
> java check from kdebindings to admin/acinclude.m4 and
> added the checks for libjvm and libhci from
> Hope this doesn't break anything.
Tbere isn't any code in kdebindings which links against libjvm and libhpi at
present, I might remove that test (in case it doesn't work). And
kdebindings looks for 'javah', whereas gideon needs 'jar' - so the two macros
aren't quite interchangable. According to the Java documentation the libraries
should be called libjvm and libthreads, but I have this libhpi.

> In KDevelop, the javasupport is now disabled by default
> because otherwise people who have the JDK installed
> but not kdebindings get a problem. It's enabled by
> --enable-javasupport, similar to --enable-scripting
> which is also disabled by default.
Yes, that's fine by me

> Maybe one could add a check for kdebindings and enable
> javasupport if the check succeeds... I'll not do it
> myself though. At least everything compiles for me
> now :-)
Yes, I'll have a go at adding those tests sometime.

-- Richard

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