TODO list for 2.0 (5/June/2001)

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Tue Jun 5 15:27:26 UTC 2001


Roland Krause wrote:
> port docViewMan to HEAD ;-)
This would mean to go back to the generic verion of DocViewMan we partly
had in the very early CVS versions of it. Christian and I optimized
DocViewMan for KDevelop-2.0 to the special use of CEditWidget and

A generic version of DocViewMan is possible by exclusively using QObject
and QWiget as base classes again as well as emitting signals instead of
doing operations on special document and view classes. Then another
specialized classes (e.g. KWriteDocViewMan or EmacsDocViewMan) loaded by
plugins can bind the signals to their own special slots.

DocViewMan::createView() {
  // doing general things
  // allowing special things here
  emit sig_createView()

KWriteDocViewMan::slotCreateView() {
  new KWriteView()

EmacsDocViewMan::slotCreateView() {
  new EmacsView()

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