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Bernd Gehrmann bernd at
Sun Jun 3 16:38:43 UTC 2001

On Sat, 2 Jun 2001, Richard Dale wrote:
> I've found the _JAVA primary reasonably ok to use. The only problem with it
> that I would like to be able to solve, is to not install '.class' files when a
> '.jar' file is all that is wanted - it ends up installing both for me at the
> moment. I'm afraid I don't know anything about ant or jakarta, and I haven't
> used other Java IDEs to know how they might handle the project builds.

Well, I've just seen it mentioned in at least two different magazines as
a cross-platform solution for building java programs, so I thought it has
some relevance... I haven't read the articles though.

> Here are some example Java oriented rules - the KDevelop front end would just
> need to make it possible to specify something like these:
> data_DATA = koala.jar
> datadir = $(kde_libraries)/java
> koala.jar: org/kde/koala/classjava.stamp
>         $(JAR) cf koala.jar org/kde/koala/*.class

Difficult. It's no problem to generate such rules, but to parse them (at
least if you take into account the possibility that someone manipulates
the by hand). I think it would make sense to add another
primary to automake so that you write something like

  kdejavadir = $(kde_libraries)/java
  kdejava_JAR = koala.jar
  koala_SOURCES = org/kde/koala

Maybe one could add this to am_edit :-)


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