Bug#20922: Indentation of method headers

Ivan Martinez im at iau.dtu.dk
Mon Feb 26 09:36:18 UTC 2001

Package: kdevelop
Version: 1.3
Severity: normal

Bugreport ID : 10:25,26.02.01

Originator	: Ivan Martinez
E-Mail		: im at iau.dtu.dk

Subject : Indentation of method headers

Error Class	: software bug
Error Location	: editor
Priority	: low
Bug Description ---------------------------

When I automatically insert a member function, the function header is
indented with TWO WHITESPACES when I think it should be ONE TAB
CHARACTER. When a class template is automatically created, the
constructor and destructor are indented with ONE TAB, so there's an
inconsistency. Everything is fine when your tabs are two-spaces
width, but the source looks weird when you browse it in an editor
with different tab width.

How to repeat the error -------------------

Just create a class and insert a member function

Bugfix or Workaround ----------------------

I have to delete the two spacer and insert a tab instead. Sometimes I
change the tab width to three spaces to find the two-spaces

System Information ------------------------

KDevelop version	: 1.3
KDE version		: 2.0
QT version		: 
OS/Distribution		: Mandrake
Compiler		: 

misc :

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