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Omid Givi omid at
Thu Feb 8 19:14:48 UTC 2001


On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, Sandy Meier wrote:

> Sounds very interesting. What do you think about different compileroptions
> for every project and not only for every projectspace? As you can see from
> the ProjectSpace class and maybe from the Application Wizard a Projectspace (
> btw. similar to Workspace in other IDE's :-)) can hold more than a binary or
> lib at the same time. It would be nice to have different compileroptions or?

Great idea! I'll go for it. I'll look if I can replace the KDevCompiler in
the hierarchy, so that even every project within a project space can have
its own compiler attributes, e.g. compiler options.

> I thougt about a treeview like the ProjectView in KDevelop2  in this dialog
> (maybe we can use it) and the options on the right side. Much like Visual C++
> or KDE Studio.

I have already implemented what you mean, if I understand you well. ;-)

> I started with Makefile generation already some weeks ago but I haven't much
> time (some private changes in my life) and fun to work on it.
> Please look at KDEProjectSpace::updateAdminFiles() for a first
> implementation. I think most of this code should be moved to the
> AutomakeProjectspace class later, but for testing it is easier to have it in
> a part and not in the lib. :-)

I'll do my best!

> If there are questions please ask, I will try
> to answer it.

No doubt, I'll do that! ;-)


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