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Sandy Meier smeier at
Thu Feb 8 17:00:45 UTC 2001

On Donnerstag,  8. Februar 2001 00:06, Omid Givi wrote:

> > Dear Sandy
> (and all other KDev army members),
> Because it is the job of the project management to decide which
> compiler to use and the options of which compiler to deal with, I have
> thaught of compiler entities. Class KDevCompiler is a base class for
> every compiler which is supported bij KDevelop. The class KDevCompiler
> holds the compiler dependant attributes and provides some methods to
> deal with these attributes. Every compiler knows now some individual
> attributes: name of the compiler, an internal ID, a widget pointer to
> the options page of the compiler and the information to make the
> widget etc. Every compiler keeps this information along with his life
> cycle. So every time somebody needs any info, it can be provided
> (needed for some compilers other than c/c++, also needed if you want
> to save those individual info's for later use).

Sounds very interesting. What do you think about different compileroptions 
for every project and not only for every projectspace? As you can see from 
the ProjectSpace class and maybe from the Application Wizard a Projectspace ( 
btw. similar to Workspace in other IDE's :-)) can hold more than a binary or 
lib at the same time. It would be nice to have different compileroptions or? 

> The 'Project Options Dialog' is reanimated, (using the qt-designer,
> *.ui files are included) to keep up with the needs. There is QListView
> (Tree) with sub items. One of the level-zero items is indeed the
> compiler, under which the compiler entities used by the current
> ProjectSpace will be shown (dynamically).
I thougt about a treeview like the ProjectView in KDevelop2  in this dialog 
(maybe we can use it) and the options on the right side. Much like Visual C++ 
or KDE Studio. 

> Sandy, Would you by the way let me know how I can get write access to
> the cvs repository? (And also some info please regarding cvs
> operations, rules etc.) Will you commit or will I be pleased to commit
> my first code?

> Tomorrow I'll be working on the rest of the project options and I'll take
> a look what I can do on the project management/space.
I started with Makefile generation already some weeks ago but I haven't much 
time (some private changes in my life) and fun to work on it. 
Please look at KDEProjectSpace::updateAdminFiles() for a first 
implementation. I think most of this code should be moved to the 
AutomakeProjectspace class later, but for testing it is easier to have it in 
a part and not in the lib. :-) If there are questions please ask, I will try 
to answer it. 

Omid, please send me a encrypted password for your CVS account on I will ask Stephan Kulow to create it and send you some 
instruction how to get and commit the code. Thanks so far!!!


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