Fwd: Re: Gideon preview release ?

Harald Fernengel harry at bnro.de
Wed Aug 29 21:31:59 UTC 2001


I think if we wait until October we'll have an usable user-interface and then 
more people will just play around with it and actually use it

Why would I write a plugin for an application that isn't usable? Give them a 
nice main-program to play around with and then the plugins will shoot out of 
the ground like mushrooms after a rainy day.

Besides, if someone is interested in Gideon he can grab a CVS version (most 
developers should be able to do that) and if someone is just interested in 
Gideon's look we have to present a neat app so that he gets excited.

We proclaimed often enough that Gideon nicely supports cool plugins, let's 
deliver a Gideon for which it is worth writing plugins for!!


> I think this should have been going here. Ok, I don't want to rush things
> too much and as long as we keep compatible to KDE 2.2 there's no reason to
> rush anyway. Let's get things going and when the time has come we'll see
> how it looks like to publish a developer-test-alpha version then. I didn't
> mean to push out an unfinished version but show the progress, give users a
> chance to test it and get some feedback; that's usually what you're doing
> with a 0.1, 0.2 whatever release and that's what we have been doing in the
> beginning of KDE as well. Anyway, times have changed and of course we don't
> want to ruin our name but getting more developers interested in writing
> plugins or enhancing them was the idea behind a test version.

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