Gideon preview release ?

Victor Röder Victor_Roeder at
Wed Aug 29 15:19:36 UTC 2001


> Gideon will not be a normal 3.0
> version, in fact it will be a 1.0 from the technical point of view.
> Hopefully not many people will be disapointed by a _3.0_ number.


> If you really want to release a preview version in 2 weeks, please make
> sure (in the pressrelease) that everybody understand that this isn't a
> usable version, but a technologie preview with alpha software quality.

Yes, that's very important!

> Would be nice to hear what others think about the current status. (Bernd,
> Richard, Matthias....)

I think the only interesting thing (technical) about Gideon is its expandable 
framework. And hasn't been changed since Gideon 0.1, or?
So Ralf, if you want to 'preview' the features, you'll fight onto lost ground 
:-). There's some stuff: Sandy's PHP Code Completion and something like a 
Package Manager and a joke-cppcodecompletion ;-), but ...

So I think as Sandy said, pronounce in the announcement that this is a 
technical preview of the next generation KDevelop - "The 
Multi-Language-Integrated-Development-Environment" :-).

BTW.: Gideon 0.1 was announced that way, why announce it the second time?


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