Gideon preview release ?

Ralf Nolden nolden at
Wed Aug 29 07:53:25 UTC 2001


as we talked about this topic before, now after the KOffice release there 
would be a chance to offer a gideon preview release for developers. I think 
of a timeframe of two weeks when we could arrange binary packages for the 
systems that support KDE 2.2 already and could offer that. The KOffice 
announcement will be followed by the (IMHO very important) release of Solaris 
packages of 2.2 the next days and then we have a good timing for a preview 
release. If there are major bugs known to you such as the opening file crash 
or whatever, I would urge you to go ahead and fix those as soon as possible 
this week up until Sunday I'd say. A status report on sunday wouldn't hurt as 

For the press-release, Andreas probably needs some voices from various 
companies working successfully with KDevelop, there are some that we could 
ask on the kdevelop list who would offer to give a statement maybe. Andreas, 
would you do the press-release ?

Waldo, in case we go for this, I should probably subscribe at the packager 
mailinglist, where can I do that and how; then is that possible to provide 
binary packages with their help within let's say 2 weeks. I know the 2.2.1 
release is under way and so we don't want to set the packagers into too much 
stress if things are interfering with the packaging of the 2.2.1 packages.

We're not a company, we just produce better code at less costs.
Ralf Nolden
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