TODO List KDevelop 2.01

Harald Fernengel harry at
Thu Aug 23 23:58:57 UTC 2001


okay, after some IRC sessions I'd like to summarize a small TODO list for the 
upcoming KDevelop 2.01 release.

Please keep in mind that all commits for 2.01 should go into the 
KDE_2_2_BRANCH. This branch is still frozen, so don't commit any new features 
or stuff that may upset the translators without a good reason (ask the 
mailing-list first before committing!).

KDEVELOP_1_4 is dead and KDEVELOP_2_BRANCH is only an experimental branch 
which features Kate as Editor instead of KWrite. The main development efforts 
should go into HEAD (aka Gideon, the codename for the KDevelop 3.0 release).

These are the most anoying things I'd like to have fixed in 2.01:

* If KDevelop was maximized on close it will be displayed somewhere almost 
off the screen on the next start

* "Project->Generate Project Files" generates a project but doesn't open it 

* Klicking on a menu-item of the blue back and forward drop-down-buttons 
crashes KDevelop

If there are more open bugs, please let me know. There were some crashes 
after opening a project, but these should already be fixed in KDELibs > 2.2. 
The "I can't close any windows anymore" bug should be fixed now as well.

Thank you all for the great work,


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