I would add this features to Gideon (alias Re: Re: Hi :))

Tobias Kalbitz Tobias.Kalbitz at brokat-le.com
Thu Aug 23 07:07:56 UTC 2001

	Hi Victor!

	>Hi, Tobias!
	>> thanks for your answer :) I get the source from Gideon CVS but at
work I
> >> working on an Windows system so I had some problems with the executable
> >> rights of serveral files :( exist a new CVS snapshot of Gideon?
	>I think at ftp://ftp.kdevelop.org/pub/kdevelop/snapshots you can
get a daily 
	>snapshot of the Gideon sources.

	Thanks for that hint :)

	>> I would like to add these features when nobody works on it :)
	>> - extends the 'group view' so you had at the top a textfield were
you can
	>> add a substring of a file name and KDevelop open the first group
were a
	>> file with that substring exist. When you hit the down or up key
you jump to
	>> the next file that match the substring. When you hit enter the
file will be
	>> open / the buffer will be get the focus. This textbox Here an
	>Sounds good :-). I don't think that anybody works on that item. To
	>in this list: Am I right? But one question: What do you mean with
the 'group 
	>view'? Is that the window which is shown in the lower half of the
Project tab?

	Yes I saw it yesterday when I compiled the Gideon source. in
KDevelop 2.0 
	is this an extra tab.

	>> - a new tab right of the filetreeview were all open files are
shown in a
	>> list their is also a textbox like i describe in top :)
	>This is a feature that Kate already has, right? Hmmm, I don't know.
Maybe we 
	>get to many tabs if we add an additional 'Opend files' tab. IMHO we
	>place such informations in popup menu. Or in a taskbar-like widget
	>KDevelop2 - MDI taskbar).

	Kate had only a tab were all open buffers listed but their is no
textbox were you 
	can input a substring an select a buffer like I describe in the last
mail. I really missing 
	that feature from MED :) The MDI Taskbar widget is not bad but when
you have 30 files 
	open and you will jump to one you had no change :)

	>> - when you hit ALT-F12 a window with all functions, typedefs,
	>> classes became the focus were all is dynamicly arranged in a
tabview so you
	>> had the first tab were all is what you have in this file
	>> classes..), in the next few tab's is only a special type what you
have in
	>> the file eg. functions, structs, typedefs all dynamicly added :)
Their is
	>> also a textbox which I describe in the top. 
	>Sounds cool, too. Are you using Visual Age (IBM)? I think there are
	>features. BTW.: I've read that UI of Visual Age and the handling
with class 
	>informations,... is very well done in Visual Age.

	I didn't use Visual Age but I heard from it. the feature I describe
their is also in MED :)

	>> Is that possible with the CTags?
	>I don't know. There is a very clever ClassStore in Gideon where you
can find 
	>everything about class informations and other stuff. But you ask:
Could you 
	>nearer explain what you want to do? Only for me :-).

	We have in Gideon a list of CTags in a CTag is the filename, the
name of the function struct... 
	and a type stored when we we search for a special file we can get
all member of that file and 
	the type of the member. Then we can add this to dialog with a
textbox I describe in the last mail
	and so you can jmup from one file member to another without mouse
and were quickly :)

	>> Could I add this features?
	>I think you could :-). At the moment only a few people are working
on Gideon. 
	>Therefore I think that two persons are doing the same stuff is
	>improbable :-).
	>> It would be great if we would able place the tabs of the
treeviews on left
	>> at the left side because i had no 19 zoll CRT ;)
	>I have no 19", too. But I don't understand what you mean exactly.
What do you 
	>mean when you say 'treeviews on left at the left side'?

	We have at the left side all tabs (files, project...) and the tab
header (icon and tile) are on top 
	so you must 'scroll' when you will jump to a an other tab when we
arranged the tab header on the
	left side you can read all title's and we can add a lot more tabs
eg. plugin ;)

	>	Victor

	I saw yesterday that Gideon is in the moment not based on QextMDI
would be their a port later to that?

	Victor can you explain me how you would add code completion for C++?

	PS. I don't now now it but I have a bug at gideon that when I open
an document my KDE2 and X session killed with an
	dcop or kdeinit error :(

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