I would add this features to Gideon (alias Re: Re: Hi :))

Victor Röder Victor_Roeder at GMX.de
Wed Aug 22 22:06:01 UTC 2001

Hi, Tobias!

> thanks for your answer :) I get the source from Gideon CVS but at work I
> working on an Windows system so I had some problems with the executable
> rights of serveral files :( exist a new CVS snapshot of Gideon?

I think at ftp://ftp.kdevelop.org/pub/kdevelop/snapshots you can get a daily 
snapshot of the Gideon sources.

> I would like to add these features when nobody works on it :)
> - extends the 'group view' so you had at the top a textfield were you can
> add a substring of a file name and KDevelop open the first group were a
> file with that substring exist. When you hit the down or up key you jump to
> the next file that match the substring. When you hit enter the file will be
> open / the buffer will be get the focus. This textbox Here an example:

Sounds good :-). I don't think that anybody works on that item. To everybody 
in this list: Am I right? But one question: What do you mean with the 'group 
view'? Is that the window which is shown in the lower half of the Project tab?

> - a new tab right of the filetreeview were all open files are shown in a
> list their is also a textbox like i describe in top :)

This is a feature that Kate already has, right? Hmmm, I don't know. Maybe we 
get to many tabs if we add an additional 'Opend files' tab. IMHO we should 
place such informations in popup menu. Or in a taskbar-like widget (see 
KDevelop2 - MDI taskbar).

> - when you hit ALT-F12 a window with all functions, typedefs, structs,
> classes became the focus were all is dynamicly arranged in a tabview so you
> had the first tab were all is what you have in this file (functions,
> classes..), in the next few tab's is only a special type what you have in
> the file eg. functions, structs, typedefs all dynamicly added :) Their is
> also a textbox which I describe in the top. 

Sounds cool, too. Are you using Visual Age (IBM)? I think there are similar 
features. BTW.: I've read that UI of Visual Age and the handling with class 
informations,... is very well done in Visual Age.

> Is that possible with the CTags?

I don't know. There is a very clever ClassStore in Gideon where you can find 
everything about class informations and other stuff. But you ask: Could you 
nearer explain what you want to do? Only for me :-).

> Could I add this features?

I think you could :-). At the moment only a few people are working on Gideon. 
Therefore I think that two persons are doing the same stuff is rather 
improbable :-).

> It would be great if we would able place the tabs of the treeviews on left
> at the left side because i had no 19 zoll CRT ;)

I have no 19", too. But I don't understand what you mean exactly. What do you 
mean when you say 'treeviews on left at the left side'?


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