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Richard Dale Richard_Dale at
Tue Aug 21 21:23:33 UTC 2001

On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, you wrote:
> It would be nice to integrate ctags with the class parses, but my 
> undestanding is that the class parser only understands C++ ( is that true ? ) 
> while ctags can parse many more languages. My idea was to build on top of 
> ctags initially, but it would be cool to integrate both though. Admittedly, I 
> haven't looked very much at the class parser, but I believe that ctags 
> support lot more languages than the class parser ( I might be wrong however).
The ctags parser doesn't keep the arguments to a method, it just saves the
method name to generate the corresponding ctag (it skips over any args,
and doesn't parse them properly). So, to adapt the parser for a KDevelop plugin
you need to add extra fields to the structs to hold method args, and extra
parsing code for the args, along with an interface to the KDevelop class
parser. And you need to do this for each language.

This is the approach that KDE Studio use for their parser - they add this to the
standard ctags C++ parser (only C++ though with ctags 1.x).

Gideon parses quite a few languages already, and uses several different styles
of parser code to do it. As long as you use the KDevelop class store api, it
works fine.

-- Richard

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