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Ralf Nolden nolden at
Mon Aug 13 08:04:18 UTC 2001

On Monday, 13. August 2001 05:17, you wrote:
> isn't useful to add support to Save current right-clicked watch variable
> to a text file in a tree like style, with a function like "Save watch
> status to file..." ?
> or entire watch by clicking on the root watch variable ?
> shouldn't be difficult to do this adding appropriate slot to the VarTree
> class in dbg kdevelop sourcecode subdir...
> and another thing.. to add possiblities to print entire Watch Variables
> tree by using kprinter directly to a postscript file.

good idea I think. Well, what about using XML then as a file format so 
everyone can read it ? Then of course the printing side should be so that you 
can print it out with a decent header and stuff, I think that requires having 
a look at kword for example. We may also need some other extensions for that, 
so we should have a kdevprint module that does all that. Comments ?


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