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Sat Aug 11 17:30:42 UTC 2001

On Saturday, 11. August 2001 18:58, you wrote:
> Ok this plugin is a kind of cross-compilation support, it enable someone to
> work in a IDE, and ship the files to be compiled on another platform. The
> platform doesn't need to have an GUI, or the user doesn't want to be
> physicaly in front of the platform (e.g. WINDOZE).  I'm writing it because
> where I work we a have a weird OS that does'nt allow the use of a gui and
> the console is so , I don't want to think about it. It usefull also in the
> Operating Systems developmment.
> Mathieu
> PS. Maybe I will also came later with cross-compilation.

I asked that because specifically right now I'm working with Qt/E and an iPaq 
:) Simon will be interested in this as well, the testcase for me is where I 
want to get it to work on QPE on the iPaq to reduce the complexity of setting 
up a development environment for embedded stuff including cross-compiling and 
remote debugging. So with that we have quite a team I guess. How far did you 
go already and what are your plans so we can avoid double work ?



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