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Mathieu Chouinard chouimat at
Sat Aug 11 16:58:24 UTC 2001

On Saturday 11 August 2001 12:39, you wrote:
> On Saturday, 11. August 2001 17:59, you wrote:
> > I do much of my work on the remote plugin so ...
> What does that do specifically ? What kind of remote stuff does it handle ?
> :)
> Ralf
Ok this plugin is a kind of cross-compilation support, it enable someone to 
work in a IDE, and ship the files to be compiled on another platform. The 
platform doesn't need to have an GUI, or the user doesn't want to be 
physicaly in front of the platform (e.g. WINDOZE).  I'm writing it because 
where I work we a have a weird OS that does'nt allow the use of a gui and the 
console is so , I don't want to think about it. It usefull also in the 
Operating Systems developmment.


PS. Maybe I will also came later with cross-compilation.

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