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> > An other topic: As you already know KDE will switch to the qt3 in some
> > weeks (and will be incompatible with KDE2.2) I think we should stick on
> > KDE2.2 for awhile. This will avoid much trouble for us and the users who
> > want to install it.
> Sandy, that cries for trouble again. Remember when we waited to switch to
> KDE 2 with KDevelop 1.x ?  
Do you remember KDE2 development? If we have switched from the begining to 
KDE2 much more time were wasted. You remember 1 year of Corba development in 
KDE2? Who warranted that not the same happend with Qt Component and KDE3? 
Please consider that KDevelop is no KDE core application,but a normal "third 
party" application like koffice or kmud in my opinion. If I work on gideon I 
want to find bugs in gideon and not in the kdelibs. BTW: It is very 
_frustating_ to compile the kdelibs everyday and find bugs. Sorry I don't 
like the idea.

>Please, we need to go with the stream this time
> although it could be a bit of a pain in the first weeks. And we can only
> test KDE 3.0 and make use of the new API things if we switch, so please,
> please let's stick with the KDE schedule or I will run into a lot of
> trouble why we are supposed to be on track and we aren't. I won't get any
> help from other KDE guys if we don't switch!
I think it will be enough to switch to KDE3/qt3 short before the first KDE3 
beta will be released. So we can release Gideon version which run on KDE2.2, 
so _everybody_ can test and use it the months before.

If you don't agree (sometimes this happend in the world. :-))  on this issue 
I think a short vote would be enough or?


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