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F@lk Brettschneider gigafalk at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 9 22:00:23 UTC 2001

Ralf Nolden wrote:
> On Thursday, 9. August 2001 23:38, you wrote:
> > Technically, QextMDI's tasks are application core functionality and
> > cannot be moved to a plugin. I learned that during the time when QextMDI
> > was in the HEAD branch. Note that the whole GUI is handled by QextMDI:
> > The mainwindow is a QextMdiMainFrm, the tool-views are embedded in
> > KDockWidgets under control of that single QextMdiMainFrm instance. And
> > it's clear all docu and source views are QextMdiChildViews. Only if all
> > those 3 conditions are fulfiled it's possible to switch the 3 MDI
> > visualization modes.
> Ok, I'd say that is an option. Two questions:
> a) how about removing the KDockWidget stuff ? that is buggy as hell and
> bloats kdeui, now that Qt contains a Dockwidget as well. Could it be made
> that QextMDI uses that ?
QDockWidget cannot be docked as tabbed windows. It would mean all
tool-views cannot be tabbed, TabPage mode would be impossible. :-(
So I think we're stucked to KDockWidget&Co.

> b) Could you have a look at the flickering of the toolbar and menubar please
> ? the whole GUI flickers in KDevelop 2 still when opening a project with all
> its files in the windows.
I know this bug but have no explanation atm. As far as I find a solution
I will fix it since it's also in our commercial app at work.
Fortunately, that version is beta there.

> > > I guess this means everything is cleared now :))
> >
> > Yes, thanks Ralf and Roland.
> > Can we have an Amen from Bernd now?
> > After that peace will be.
> > ...and we would try to patch the HEAD.
> ...and I will pat everyone's head :))
Where is Bernd?

F at lk

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