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Christian Couder Christian.Couder at
Thu Aug 9 09:47:49 UTC 2001

Hi everybody,

First let me say that it was really nice for me to meet some of you in
Stuttgart last month. And I agree that a physical meeting could help
solve the current remaining problems. But what I would like to say is
that we are all working on _Free_ (like "free beer") software and we
should always keep in mind what it means.

So if some people want to keep working on the KDevelop 2 branch that's
fine for me. If other people want to work on KDevelop 3 and make it
the next big version then it's also fine for me. Sometimes a split is
not avoidable, and I think it's not always a bad thing. Sometimes also
after a split the 2 different projects merge (like egcs gcc). For some
big projects like the Linux kernel it's also good for users that 2
different versions continue to be improved in paralel. That's why I
think the current situation is not so bad.

As far as I am concerned I will now try to work on KDevelop 3, but I
am not sure I will have a lot of time because I will get married
soon. (I would also appreciate if there were some documentation about
how to create and add a plugin to KDevelop 3.)

About MDI, I think that if there are plugins or parts for everything
in KDevelop 3, then MDI could be used in some plugins and parts so
that the user could be able to choose if he wants it or not. If there
are not enought plugins or parts then it should be possible to add

Anyway, Falk, will QextMDI will be included in kdelib ? I think it's a
good time to ask for it to be included if it's not already.


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