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Victor Röder Victor_Roeder at
Sun Aug 5 18:31:39 UTC 2001


first of all: after I've downloaded the changes of Matthias there were still 
some contradictions with the moc file includes. But this time my Makefiles 
were responsible for that. Therefore I changed them by hand :-|. Hmmm, maybe 
other people have "wrong" Makefiles, too and get into troubles when 
compiling. Is there a chance to get the "right" Makefiles into CVS? ( I don't 
know if they are there already, but if, why did I have the "wrong ones"?)

> could someone help me understand, why this is the actual method handling
> with moc files?
> *Method A: The class declaration is found in a header (.h) file*
> (the Makefile-method)
> and
> *Method B: The class declaration is found in an implementation ( .cpp)
> file* (the #include-method)

As mentioned there are two methods: the first one compiles the moc(.cpp) 
files and the cpp files separated and the second one includes the moc file 
into the matching cpp file and compiles only the cpp files. And not the moc 
files und cpp files separated.


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