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reading the gnome summary that was published on gnotices yesterday, I found 

Actually, the list of books is the most interesting about that as it 
constructs the items in the treeview for a book according to a devhelp XML 
file. I would consider that a good idea actually, also the idea of installing 
a manual inside the helpviewer. I have two suggestions:
a) Make use of that in gideon :)
b) talk to those guys to make up a standard at about the 
format and way to add a devhelp file to a given packages' doc. That way, we 
can cooperate and we have a standard. We're the trendsetter in many ways 
anyway and asking those gnome guys helps setting up this standard. By this, 
we will get more programming docs with their xml description file 
automatically over time and installing docs into the tree won't be the pain 
anymore that it is now.

In regards to that I have two questions :)
a) Do you guys want that and think it's useful ? Please comment on wishes 
that you have regarding the standard/xml file format for better integration, 
maybe suggest automatic reftools that will create the xml reffile on the fly 
of a package that doesn't have it yet for minimal support; also for those who 
want to add a reffile to their already written documentation.
b) Who is doing what if we decide for yes. I think I could talk to the gnome 
guys easily as I know many from GUADEC 2 this spring personally and get going 
with the standard (that's where the .desktop standard was 
proposed as well). Someone with a current look into gideon's doctree could 
manage to change/add this dochelp stuff.

Opinions ?



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