Totally OT: what does the first B stand for in JBB ?? (was:Re: Compiler cache)

Ralf Nolden nolden at
Sat Aug 4 22:27:45 UTC 2001

On Friday, 3. August 2001 22:24, you wrote:

Hi, after reading over my mails to catch up, I had a funny moment where first 
thought: "Hell, I love that jbb is back and working on something useful 
instead of getting dumb doing nothing for money now :)". Then I thought, what 
the heck, you only know him as jbb ! Well, I can make myself a rhyme on what 
the j and the last b stands for, but what the heck does the first "b" in jbb 
stand for ???? Does that mean, Bernard (that would be, John Bernard Birch) ? 
Or does it mean something completely different like some weird GNU acronym or 
whatever, like emphasizing something. That could be a whole lot actually, is 
that b for "butcher" or "birdy" or "bloody" ???

jbb, please explain, I don't wanna die like the last one who got to know 
that. You guys fooled me on April 1st last year with that windows version 
story so much that I still shake my head over why I was the first one to 
beleive in that on that sunday morning of April 1st! I don't want to let that 
happen again and I'd like to know what the first b stands for. That said, go 
ahead. *gg*


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