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Thu Aug 2 22:06:24 UTC 2001

On Thu, 02 Aug 2001, you wrote:
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> On Tue, 31 Jul 2001, you wrote:
> >It would be bad if nobody could write commericial Linux apps because the 
> >kernel is GPL'd. But it seems accepted by everyone, other than Microsoft, 
> >that you can mix GPL and non-GPL code in the same app, when you write an 
> >application which makes kernel calls. I think the reason for this is that 
> >kernel code doesn't have any relation to the code in typical applications 
> >running in the user space.
> Yes, I think the level of abstraction in the kernel is large. Nobody will  
> suggest for example "kedit" is an extension of the Linux kernel.  And as far 
> as I know, most of the applications don't make kernel calls, everything will 
> be directed through the libc so you have yet an other layer.
> >be at risk from someone hacking together an open source replacement, and 
> >losing them all their market share overnight. Also I use a PowerPC machine, 
> >and I bet they wouldn't run on that, or any unusual architecture.
> So, it is in your own interest if we only allow opensource plugins :-)
> To come to a conclusion on this issue. Until we change our license model (a 
> GPL'ed KDevelop), it is allowed to distribute C/C++ plugins only under GPL or 
> compatible licenses (LGPL,X11 and so on.). For Java we don't have a solution 
> yet. Richard maybe? 
> If no one objects this will be the "official" position for the next time. ok?
I am happy to go with the official position, if that is to allow any sort of
plugin license. But perhaps we could have an unofficial 'replace the closed
source plugin fastest' competition for KDevelop developers with attitude ;-)...

> Sorry, if I force a solution but for me it is important to have an answer on 
> this topic.
Yes, I thought I was an aethiest, until I came across the need for Free Software
license judgements. Larry Lessig seems to understand these issues well  -
there is a good speech of his on the DDJ site.

-- Richard

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