getSubDir vs. getProjectDir

Sandy Meier smeier at
Sun Oct 29 11:29:20 UTC 2000

On Sam, 28 Okt 2000, you wrote:
> Hallo!
> So we still have to problems:
> 1.) Why do we need a make clean call in the project's root directory
> although all sources (as well as any autoconf/automake subprojects) are
> located in the subdirectory of the same name as the project (which means
> that temporary stuff is also there in that subdir)?
> 2.) Why does it happen that Ralf runs make clean in KDevelop although he
> run make clean in the source subdirectory of his example project?
> Sandy, maybe for instance you could give us a hint which directory
> getSubDir() is?

getSubDir() returns the name of the directory where the executable is 
located. (in automake/autoconf projects)
In KDevelop1.2 this is always the subdirectory with the same name as the 
I know this is really stupid, but this code is really old and was "optimized" 
for an automake project with one binary.


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