getSubDir vs. getProjectDir

Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at
Sun Oct 29 11:31:45 UTC 2000

Hi Bernd,

Bernd Gehrmann wrote:
> Because
> 1.) It's not true in general that sources are located in a subdirectory
> of the same name as the project. It's the way KDevelop 1.2's appwizard
> sets up an automake project, but in practice it's very unusual. See
> e.g.
> for some packages maintained by the FSF.
> 2.) make clean doesn't affect only the sources, but also documentation
> and translations. For texinfo documentation e.g., it removes dvi files.
> 3.) Many people develop with srcdir != builddir (which is essential
> when developing for multiple architectures). KDevelop should support
> this (which implies that the directory in which configure is invoked
> has to be configurable too).
Aha. I see.
Hmm...then I must rename my meta-Makefile to another name to avoid a
call from 'make clean'.

  F at lk

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