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Wed Oct 25 11:10:22 UTC 2000


how the subject yet says, I would be glad about, to have Doxygen inside
Kdevelop. The Attachement holds my Communication with Dimitri and Sandy
( The answer not included here because it was in German - shortly
spoken, it was 'yes, we will have exactly this thing':)
As for me, I'm working with a kdevelop based hack ( replaces the kdoc
call in slotProjectAPI trough doxygen ) and it suits fine.
I would do the work quitely and have the following suggestions:

 Project Wizard:
  - Doxygen as option
  - transform doxywizard ( the configuration tool for Doxygen
(Qt2-based) ) to 
    KDE Dialog 
 DOC Tree: 
  - perhaps replace or adapt 'api' 'user manual' section to this case (
doxygen doesn't make 
    a real difference in this meaning ). 
  - include directories for PDF and/or latex/postscript/manpage output 
    (not sure about the urgence here)

 adapt main menu, toolbar etc.

My daily Problems:

Who can give me write access to kdevelop's CVS or has some other
Proposal for Code Sharing. For the present I could also work with
independent Sources, but which are the right one ? There is a KDE2
Variant for kdevelop announced, but also a kdevelop 2 tree. Summarizing,
I'm in need for an outline of the developement structure.


This life is a test.  It is only a test.  Had this been an actual life, 
you would have received further instructions as to what to do and where
to go.
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