KDevelop 1.2 with QT2 on Debian GNU/Linux

Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 17 12:01:24 UTC 2000

Ralf Nolden wrote:

> Ok, then what´s only missing is the build error I get removed in the mdi
> subfolders. Or am I too stupid to build Kdevelop ?? ;-)

Making it cvs-clean should work. Also use the latest KDE2 release tag. Yesterday,
M.E. moved the tag to brandnew versions of KDock* which are required for KDevelop.

> That the mdi buttons on the menubar get to the right end of the menubar
> for example.

That is because of the current design of KDevelop. For instance I haven't got access
rights to the class members (menubar) of the mainframe window. There are some
restrictions, if using MDI as component. That's why my planned change. So we are
still in an experimental state but straight forward into the Nexus. ;-)

> ... as I´m fighting with the KDE2/Qt2 templates to
> work correcly including make dist which causes me a really bad headache
> right now...

Good luck! :-)

  F at lk

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