Problems with RH 7.0

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Mon Nov 20 20:40:52 UTC 2000

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> egcs == kgcc?
Oh, yes you're right. I forgot to mention that there is another compiler( so
that's three times sh..)

> Not even the kernel will compile with the shit rh7 gcc.
That's what I meant saying three times:-). I gave up compiling a kernel two
weeks ago.

> I made a symlink from kgcc to gcc, which worked quite good up to
> now. But the cleanest solution would be to take a gcc 2.95.2 RPM (not that
> did find one which works...).
I tried to install the egcs from 6.2, but that screwed up my whole system,
so that was install number three. But thanks for the hint. I'll try that.

> I understand your anger because KDE2 RPMs crash all the time, kmail never
> worked and the whole distribution looks quite buggy and not-quite-ready.
> But don't try to compile KDE2 from CVS on your own. DCOP etc. is known
> not to work with the gcc.
> Advice: Take a better distribution (not telling what "better" means ;-)
> Debian, Mandrake, Slackware, ... .
One of my old teachers told me Mandrake worked really fine. Maybe that's
where part of my award will go.



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