Problems with RH 7.0

Ralf Funken RFunken at
Mon Nov 20 20:22:51 UTC 2000

Hi all,

sorry I nearly couldn't do anything since I started at IBM but I'm really busy
there ( and will be in the future, I'm afraid). At least I found the time to
get the po files ready, but I recognized a problem with RH 7 when
I did. The problem is that they have a new g++ PLUS a compatibility egcs++.
What's really wierd is that the egcs can't do the configure. No matter what I
try, it always says that there is no QT >1.44 <2.2. I have qt 1.45 installed
but neither setting QTDIR nor configuring --with-qt-dir work. It does with g++.
The g++ on the other hand can't compile the projects, because it always
complains about ' "defined" without an identifier' in the first qt headerfile
encountered. So I end up having to make different links for either one of the
two steps. That's simply inacceptable. Anyone had this problem? I know it's not
kdevelop's fault, but people won't know and I can imagine lots of 'bug reports'
arriving. What can we do about that? That last RH release is a pain in the
arse anyway and warped me back 3 years (when nothing really worked). To be
honest, I'm sitting here using gnome and some kde1 goodies after 3 complete
installs, downloading 20M of bugfixes and getting a nice 'kinit crashed'
greeting everytime I started KDE2. Sorry guys, but I'm simply fed up with
wasting my weekends installing and downloading stuff to do the work I thought I
paid RH for. I have to try some things on Linux for work and I'm not willing to
pay a 90 bucks per month until I find a distribution that works and doesn't
take part in this 'we have the latest betas and alphas' competition. So as
long as the kde progs I need run on gnome, great. If they don't, great, I can't
help it.



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