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Sandy Meier smeier at
Mon Mar 20 19:58:11 UTC 2000

On Mon, 20 Mar 2000 you wrote:
> Forget the stuff about the registring KDevelop. I´ve talked with Chris
> Schlaeger (SuSE) this morning by phone and asked him about this subject.
> He´s also one of the KDE lead organizators and they are taking care of
> that worldwide to trademark KDE and programs like KOffice and KDevelop
> is on the list of names to trademark, so this won´t cost us anything and
> we don´t have to care for that. When it comes to the
> website they will take care of that as well by their lawyer after
> KDevelop is trademarked ;-)

Nice to hear, really good news. :-)

> Sandy, could you contact Mirko Sucker about the finances for the book ?
> I think we should handle this over KDE as an organization, so you won´t
> have to go to jail for tax issues ;-)  Mirko does the finances for KDE
> and knows the tax laws and stuff.

Ok, no problem. I will contact Mirko this week and ask him.


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