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Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Mon Mar 20 11:23:19 UTC 2000

Martin Piskernig wrote:
> On Sat, 18 Mar 2000, you wrote:
> > SuSE includes KDE 1.1.2. According to Waldo, they even ship a newer
> > version (from CVS) with 6.4. Same for RedHat.
> I'm sorry, I very thought I read this on kde-core-devel.

Hi all, 

back from weekend ;-)

To close this really boring and uninteresting discussion, I think we
should follow Martin´s suggestion and call it 1.2 and that´s it ;-)

I also have another thing to discuss which seems important to me:
While I was at my uncle´s birthday I discussed with a friend of him who
makes inventions and I showed him the KDevelop book. I also mentioned
that we have the "problem" that is booked by a company that
has nothing to do with us and that with the increasing popularity of
KDevelop strange things may occur in the future (KDevelop 2.0 will beat
up everything else, ain´t it ??? ). He asked me if we have the name
KDevelop protected and where I had to say that we didn´t. He will go to
a patent lawyer this week with the book and ask what can be done for us.
At least he said we should protect the name KDevelop and register it,
which will cost 300 D-Marks here in Germany. I would do that if everyone
agrees on the name of the KDevelop Team and/or to Sandy and/or my name.
I don´t know the exact way to do this yet as I´m not a lawyer ( I don´t
know if they would accept the term KDevelop Team as we don´t have a
company neither a club or any other legal corporation, so we may need an
"existing person" in the sense of law), but as some of you may have read
in the c´t, a while ago even someone in germany tried to protect the
name Linux on his name which caused a lot of trouble. There is also that
lawyer in Munich I think who demanded money from companies after
registering names like "webspace" and "explorer", so M$ has to pay a
price here in germany for each copy of windows to use the name explorer.
We could protect us against any kind of this in the future if we
register KDevelop as a name. About the 300 Marks I would even pay that
if nobody else is willing to or we can´t make an agreement on the cost,
but registering it is IMHO necessary under all circumstances.

What does everyone think about that ? Would everyone be ok with that ?


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