Brainstorming the debugger problem

Ralf Funken rfunken at
Mon Mar 20 06:30:40 UTC 2000


I think we agree that the key problem is to find out where the executable is,
so we can call the debugger with it. Maybe it's not so difficult to find out
after all. As far as I can see there are only two posssibilities: either it's
in the projekt dir or in .libs. If it is in .libs, there's a shellscript with
the same name in the project dir. If the user later decides not to link against
so's we have exe's in both paths. Now the idea is the following. If we called
the debugger via a slot ( I didn't have the time to check this) , we had the
chance to check the magic number of the file before we call the debugger. We
first check the file in the project dir( the user might have redecided not to
link against so's but this always reflects the actual setting). If  the number
is "#!" ( you know that this is the magic number in ascii for  shell scripts)
we use the file in .libs. If not we call the debugger with the exe in the
project dir. 

I told you it was brainstorming, so if the idea is absolutely BS ...


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