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Ralf Funken rfunken at kdevelop.de
Sun Mar 19 15:03:19 UTC 2000


> I think we should leave this as it is, but I have a suggestion to
> prevent the users from getting trouble using the debugger.
> Stephan Kulow is talking in this thread about a configure-switch
> --enable-fast-install.
Ok, I read the complete thread and I think I understand why they do so. ( Nice
idea IMO). 

> Maybe we should install this switch silently, so the user
gets > (devolping inside KDevelop) automatically the binary in the desired
> source directory, ready to debug...
Hmm, as from what Stefan wrote he wasn't even really sure about that switch (I
tested it and it didn't change anything),  and the only problem with it is, that
the executable is in the "wrong" path. I tested it with 'debug another
executable' and chose the file in .libs. As expected everything worked fine.
Building RPMs also worked without any problems. So maybe it would be better to
find a way to open the right file with the debugger? What may be a problem, is
that qt projects don't behave like this and if you choose not to link against
so's, it also doesn't happen. So you had to find out where the exectutable


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