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Jeff Cunningham <jeffrey.k.cunningham at> wrote:
> I've been playing around with the new version of KDevelop for about a
> week now and I wanted to say I am very impressed. A lot of good work has
> gone into this package. 
> There's a couple of trivial things that would be nice to add. For
> example, in the Visual C++ environment, I've grown completely accustomed
> to using the arrow keys on the numeric keypad, and using Shift-Del and
> Shift-Ins to cut and paste. Is there some way to enable these for this
> purpose in KDevelop ? (I figure if I want numbers I can hit Num Lock). 
> Another thing is the File/Open and File/Save dialogs. It would be very
> nice if they had a memory. I.E., if I just went to the trouble of
> navigating off to some distant directory for one operation and either
> repeat it or go to the other, it would be nice if it started there
> instead of making me navigate my way there all over again. 
> And, is there a way to scroll to the location of offending errors in
> code sequentially with a function key? If not, it would be a nice
> feature (saves repeatedly scrolling the output box and searching for the
> error messages). Another thing that would be nice would be higlighted of
> different colored output for errors. Anything that makes it quicker to
> find stuff or less strain is an advantage when you work with it many
> hours a day. 
> Very nice piece of work.
> Jeff Cunningham


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