FYI: Changement in the GUI-source-templates (03/13/2000)

W. Tasin tasin at
Tue Mar 14 13:01:42 UTC 2000

Hi all,

I wanna inform you, why I had to change the templates again (commit-date

The usage of KDE_DO_IT_ALL inside has certain problems
(especially if there will be more calls beside it (e.g. KDE_USE_QT(1))). 
Some kind of order problems in the resulting configure-script

[inside info:
different handling of macro-calls inside and *.m4 files and 
reordering by usage of AC_REQUIRE() and AC_PROVIDE() commands inside
*.m4 files]

After having talked to Stephan Kulow, I have substituted it with each
macro call.
(He also suggests not to use KDE_DO_IT_ALL() for kdevelop!)

PLEASE don't use this "general call" for new templates and don't give an
advice like:
Simply use KDE_DO_IT_ALL inside your manually created (it
isn´t that simple ;-))



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