Internationalization Problem

Benoit Cerrina Benoit.cerrina at
Tue Mar 7 19:12:51 UTC 2000

Hi all,
unfortunatelly I have to tell you that my short contribution to kdevelop
will have to come to an end for legal reason.
I don't know about the way it works outside of France but here it happens
that the company I work for Dassault Systemes has all rights on all the
software which I write and which is in the same domain as software
developped by Dassault.
Yesterday Dassault had to make an example from 2 coworkers who had just
posted as open software some work they had done on displaying 3d rendered
object from a remote server on a java client (it happens to be very close to
the subject they worked on at DS so in my opinion Dassault had to do what
they did).  In any case this is the first time such a thing happened in DS
and it is definitely not a good time for an employee to be working on open
source projects.  Since writing developments tools definitely falls under
the type of things we do at work, the only project which could be worse
would be if kdevelop was a CAD/CAM product or a PDM product.

I'll keep an eye on kdevelop.  Good Luck.

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